положительный заряд автомобиля

About Tesla Technics



Tesla Technics is a brand, worked out by the company of Trans Starter, that has been created for specialists, workshops, autoshops and retail customers to offer them outstanding quality for reasonable money without additional price increases of the European, American and Asian distributors.

Tesla Technics is a quality sign that affords the customers to be sure to get the service, prices, and production quality in the way they want them.

Tesla Technics unites the selected factories from the countries such as Taiwan, Corea and China on the basis of the best quality and stable deliveries that gives us and our customers confident tomorrow.

Today Tesla Technics has the wide range of application:

  • Motor transport
  • Water transport
  • Vehicle means, cargo and commercial transport
  • Agriculture transport
  • Special machines and technics.

The assortment increase is permanently underway to keep and prove the quality of the parts packed into Tesla Technics packages.  The main types of starters and alternators are included into the assortment and spare parts also: drives, pulleys, solenoids, bearings, rectifiers, rotors and stators. The bushings, brush holders and brushes will soon come as well as new starters and alternators.

The selected factories are manufacturing the production for the leading world distributors and for Tesla Technics.

Our advanced experience in the automarket of Russia and CIS countries affords us to give our permanent customers the best services in the market namely:

  • assistance in the choice of any units and parts. We are never in the deadlock and always find the way to fullfil your order when the other suppliers surrender.
  • individual approach to each customer, the terms of payment adapted to each customer, special discount programs for different volumes of purchases.
  • carrying out of the advertising campaigns for the permanent customers.

Do not hesitate to address to our sales offices and you become the most advanced specialist in the sphere of starters and alternators in your city!