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Only high-quality components. Each item goes through pre and post production control before it is cleared for sale.

100% analogue to original components.

Wide range of automotive brand spare parts covering all motor cars, trucks, specialized, for marine, power sports and motorcycles.

Technical assistance to distributers and clients.

Direct supplies from factories to stocks. No extra charges from intermediaries.

Highly competent staff, always ready to answer your questions.

Fast delivery.

Marketing support from automotive industry professionals.

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Advertisement support

Tesla Technics cares about their partners.

For each regions and partnership, we offer unique marketing programs.

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The brand of Tesla Technics is trusted for the high-quality provided. We are aiming to become a recognized leader on the international automotive market.

Tesla Technics in Barcelona

Address: Barcelona, Avinguda Diagonal, 409, 1st floor
Phone number: +7 (499) 394-68-57
Email: ss@teslatechnics.com
Whats'app: +34-621-049-779

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Mission of Tesla Technics:


Provide high end spare parts for accessible prices


Offer our clients products that guarantees reliable and safe use of their vehicle


Be attentive to the interests of our clients and staff

Our products

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Pre-production quality control for spare parts of Tesla Technics:

Tension tests for metals

Shock and static flexion tests for metals

Tests for total liquid content in metals

Chemical analysis of metal components

Test for metal homogeneity

Test for quantification of mechanical properties of metal

Post-production quality control of products:

Checking the endurance of the structure in different temperature conditions -40 +50

Vibration testing: 15G acceleration, 10Hz ~ 1000Hz, for 8 hours.

Continuous testing of the alternator installed on the bench for 1000 hours at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius.

Starter testing: for passenger cars 10,000 starts; for commercial vehicles 20,000 starts.

Secondary tests to obtain international certificates for quality standards IS009001. TS16949. IS014001.

Moscow region, Gorki Leninskie, Kashirskoe highway, c 229

Kazakhstan, Almaty, Ryskulov Avenue 140/4

Barcelona, Avinguda Diagonal, 409, 1st floor